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GreenDot Labs

As Colorado’s longest-running extract brand, we have spent years producing the finest, most flavorful cannabis concentrates.

Our Quality In, Quality Out approach starts in the garden, with the best plant material possible. We take every step to ensure our genetics are fresh and exciting, our plants vigorous and healthy, and our extracts vibrant and clean.

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Live Resin

Green Dot Labs cannabis oil is the highest quality possible. From seed to sap we take every measure to ensure our strains are pure, our plants vigorous and healthy, and our extracts clean. Green Dot Labs is the only cannabis extract company that can guarantee hash oils free of residual solvents, safely and responsibly processed. Every single gram of Green Dot Labs extracts are made with full plants, not trim. This means more flavor and more medicinal benefit for the consumer. Moreover, we do strain specific extracts, so you know exactly what you’re getting when you purchase our extracts.