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Mathematix is a glass manufacturer based in Los Angeles, California. Mathematix has gained recognition and respect in the recent years for their unique and creative products. Mathematix is most well known for their "Munchie" themed pipes. You can find doughnut, pizza, fruits and candy themed pipes! Besides food themed pipes, Mathematix also creates lifelike animal, automotive, and pop-culture themed pipes. All glass are hand crafted in Los Angeles and made from high quality borosilicate glass. If you are a fan of fun and unique pipes, Mathematix is one collection you must check out!

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Mathematix - Salon Blow Dryer Hand Pipe

Mathematix has created another unique hand pipe in the form of an blow dryer! This ultra realistic piece is technically a steamroller as the mouthpiece and carb hole are opposite of each other. The bowl located at the bottom of the handle. Colored accent bands and glass orbs adorn the blow dryer. Measures 8.5'' inches long and made from thick borosliciate glass.
$119.95 $149.95