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If your looking for a flower something in the middle that can offer some of the calming attributes of an Indica, with somewhat of the energy of a Sativa, perhaps a hybrid of the two might be the answer.

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Banana Kush

Banana Kush is an Indica-Dominant hybrid which is a cross between Ghost OG and Skunk Haze. The aroma is a mix of fresh bananas, flowers and herbs. The smoke is subtle and smooth with a zingy sweetness. The effects are surprisingly quick leaving the user social and talkative while also locked on the couch in a non-functional chest-centered daze.

Cherry Diesel

Cherry Diesel is most likely a pleasantly potent (THC levels reported as high as 16%), sweet-smelling and energetically stimulating, probably 50/50, Indica/Sativa, daytime hybrid union of Cherry OG (Indica) and Turbo Diesel (Sativa). Euphoric and talkative, this sweet, diesel, berry and cherry strain can ease social awkwardness and/or inspire the user to clean out the garage.


Headband is a Sativa-Dominant, highly potent hybrid noted for its signature sensation of tightening pressure around the crown of the skull. This slower-acting strain requires patience eventually propelling the user on a hallucinogenic, bitter lemon and diesel-fueled roller coaster ride into an alternate mental dimension. Headband is not recommended for beginners.