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Looking for a flower that has been to be a little more upbeat? Sativa marijuana has been knows to have effects more uplifting and energetic than indica marijuana. With the largest selection of award winning cannabis in Denver, Colorado,  our friendly staff can help match you with our one-of-a-kind selection when you stop by our recreational dispensary.

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Moonshine Haze

Moonshine Haze is a nicely potent (THC levels as high as 20%), carefree yet clear-headed and functional, 80/20, Sativa-Dominant, daytime hybrid blending of Nevil's Wreck and Amnesia Haze. The winner for "Best Sativa" at High Times magazine's 2011 Amsterdam Cannabis Cup, this flowery, fruity, citrus and Haze strain heightens all the senses and elicits a peaceful energy.

Thelonious Skunk

Thelonious Skunk is a Colorado-bred, decently potent (THC levels reported as high as 18%), delightfully happy, energizing, contented and deeply-thoughtful, approximately 70/30, Sativa-Dominant, daytime hybrid union of Nina Limone and Island Sweet Skunk. Named after the legendary jazz musician Thelonious Monk, this is a hungry, citrus, earth and skunk-y strain.