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Black Rock OG created the Safety Case to empower the millions of sophisticated professionals around the world who deserve the peace of mind that comes with true discretion. This type of product is so innovative and bold you can hide in plain sight.

Empire Glassworks - Panda Donut Bowl Slide

This bowl by Empire Glassworks is both cute and delicious! The blue frosting is covered in sprinkles and dripping off of the Panda Donut. The worked glass is so realistic you may need to warn your friends to not eat this slide! The bowl is deep and made of high quality borosilicate glass.

Grav - Doughnut Spoon

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Kraken Grinders - 4 Part Diamond Ridge Grinder

This 2.5" 4-part Diamond Grinder is meticulously designed by Kraken. This Grinder is as handy as it is streamlined. The sides of this Grinder are machined for easy grip. This four piece Grinder even features a pollen catcher!