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When to Use THC & CBD Patches

When to Use THC & CBD Patches

When it comes to accurate dosing and the application, consumers want to get it right. When it comes to THC and CBD topicals, there are various products and applications available with varying doses of CBD and THC within each product. While many have tried THC or CBD creams, we take a look today at CBD and THC patches.

Featured Product

Mary’s Medicinal Patches

Mary’s award-winning patches are born out of a commitment to accurate dosing and the application of advanced delivery methods. Offering a quick onset and unsurpassed duration, Mary’s patches are 2×2 squares, easy to use, and adhere simply to any veinous part of the skin for discreet, all day (or night) relief.

Our THC & CBD Topicals

Browse on of the largest selections of the best topical brands in Denver, CO. Just about every high-quality brand we have at our recreational dispensary such as everyone’s favorite, Mary’s Medicinal 1 to 1 salve. Just a little rub, and you will be telling friends and family about it for months. Stop by and view our racks and display cases filled with topical products that contain varying amount of THC and CBD you can choose the best for your personal preference. | View Topical Menu

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